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Day 28: Crossover Action on AFY 2024 Budget, Narcan, American Libraries Association, School Supplies, Literacy Screener, Charter School, & Social Security Bills

Significance of Crossover Deadline 

Crossover Day marks the day by which all legislation must pass the House or Senate to remain eligible to pass during the current session. Bills that do not pass by Crossover Day are not eligible to pass unless amended to a bill that did pass. 

Governor Signs AFY 2024 Budget 

Gov. Brian P. Kemp signed the Amended Fiscal Year (AFY) 2024 budget Thursday—review PAGE's extensive budget coverage HERE and HERE. Click HERE to review the full budget. The Georgia Department of Education’s (GaDOE) budget begins on page 77. 


Senate Floor Action 

SB 395 by Sen. Clint Dixon (R-Gwinnett) “Wesley’s Law,” which is named after Dixon’s cousin who passed away due to a drug overdose, allows teachers to carry naloxone and keep it in the classroom. Students are also allowed to carry naloxone. The bill protects from liability anyone who either uses or chooses not to use naloxone in a school. SB 395 requires schools to maintain a supply of naloxone. The bill was amended on the floor to provide further protection to school districts and staff from civil liability. The bill passed 54-0. 

SB 390 by Sen. Larry Walker (R-Perry) bars city, county, and regional library trustees and the State University System of Georgia from using any public or privately donated funds on any materials, services, or operations offered by the American Library Association (ALA) and its affiliates. The current version of the bill allows for funds to be allocated for the certification of degree programs and moves the certification of librarians to the Georgia Council of Public Libraries. The bill passed 33-20. 

SB 464 by Sen. Dixon creates the School Supplies for Teachers Program which would provide financial support to educators purchasing school supplies online. This assistance would be subject to appropriation by the General Assembly, which is not provided in the FY 2025 budget. Sen. Billy Hickman (R-Statesboro) amended the bill on the Senate floor which mandates use of a single statewide universal literacy screener. The Council will collaborate with the Sandra Dunagan Deal Center and the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget to identify the free screener. The amendment requires GaDOE to enter a memorandum of agreement with the Georgia Council on Literacy by May 15, 2024. 

SB 202 by Sen. Sheikh Rahman (D-Lawrenceville) enables the Georgia Department of Education to launch and evaluate an outdoor learning spaces pilot program. The bill passed 51-0. 

SB 208 and SR 189 by Sen. Greg Dolezal (R-Cumming) proposes a state constitutional amendment, which, if approved by voters, would allow the levy of school impact fees for new residential development. Dolezal said the resolution and companion legislation are necessary for fast-growing areas of the state in which existing residents carry the burden of financing the creation of new schools to serve families who purchase new construction. 

SB 532 by Sen. Dixon did not receive a vote despite being placed on the Senate Rules calendar. The bill prohibits sex education in public schools before sixth grade. It further requires that all proposed sex education curricula be made available for public comment before implementation, and students may not receive sex education instruction without providing the student’s parent with the curriculum and receiving written consent from the parent. The bill also states that no school would be required to provide sex education. 

House Floor Action 

HB 846 by Rep. Rob Leverett (R-Elberton) directs local school districts to notify employees whether Social Security taxes will be withheld from their pay and requires notification of employee eligibility for other pension or retirement plans. Notification must occur at least once every five years and at or near the time of employees’ separation from a school district. The bill passed 160-1. 

HB 1122 by Rep. Scott Hilton (R-Peachtree Corners) updates the conflict-of-interest governance board policies regarding state charter schools. The bill also allows state charter schools to earn funding for more school leaders. The bill passed 161-7. 

HB 1104 by Rep. Omari Crawford (D-Decatur) requires schools to make mental health resources available to student-athletes. The legislation would mandate no additional screenings.  The bill passed 159-4. 

Upcoming Schedule 

Monday, March 4 – Legislative Day 29 

Tuesday, March 5 – Legislative Day 30 

Wednesday, March 6 – Committee Workday  



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