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PAGE Legislative Team

The PAGE legislative team develops, communicates about, and advocates for policies that support Georgia educators and enables them to thrive professionally. The team’s core focus is on state policy, but it also works on federal issues. The team’s most visible work happens during the legislative session, but its members advocate on behalf of PAGE members year-round.

Policy Development. The team collaborates with the Legislative Advisory Committee and draws on the annual legislative survey to identify the policy areas most critical to PAGE members. It supplements these resources with information from lawmakers, state agency staff, education advocates, and other stakeholders. 

Communication. Sharing information with PAGE members and other stakeholders is a core part of the legislative team’s work. Key communication tools the team produces include daily legislative reports, legislative bill analyses, and research reports. 

Advocacy. During the legislative session, the legislative team is the eyes, ears, and influential voice of Georgia educators at the State Capitol. Team members meet with lawmakers year-round to highlight the issues most important to PAGE members. During the legislative session, team members are at the Capitol every day, monitoring and analyzing all education-related legislation, meeting with legislators, attending and often presenting at committee meetings, and promoting beneficial legislation while working to stop harmful bills. The team also organizes Day on Capitol Hill each year to ensure that lawmakers hear directly from PAGE members about their concerns and hopes for education in Georgia.

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