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Georgia Professional Standards Commission Meeting Report - September 2023

The following topics were discussed during the Georgia Professional Standards Commission’s (GaPSC) monthly meetings Sept. 13-14, 2023.

Assistant Attorney General's Report Senior Assistant Attorney General Wylencia Monroe reviewed factors the staff considers when evaluating an ethics complaint:

  • Seriousness of the alleged violation

  • Age of the educator

  • Experience of the educator or lack thereof

  • Disciplinary history of the educator

  • Evidence of rehabilitation or lack thereof

  • How the matter was handled by a corresponding agency or jurisdiction

  • How the matter was handled by the school district

  • Prior similar cases resolved at the hearing stage

  • Prior similar cases resolved by Consent Order

  • Strength of admissible evidence


Kevin Shumake, former assistant director of the Ethics Division, recently retired. David Pumphrey is the new assistant director of the Ethics Division.


As a rule of thumb, it is better to disclose one’s criminal history than not disclose it. If educators disclose their criminal history, they will typically receive a reprimand. If educators do not disclose their criminal history and the GaPSC discovers it, the educators will typically receive a suspension.

Sanctions will stay on an educator’s record permanently. The GaPSC’s enabling statute does not allow it to remove final sanctions.

The Commission agreed to a suspension of three days for an educator who delayed reporting an alleged sexual assault by one student on another. In mitigation, the educator admitted to the delay and the student-victim’s hospital stay may have contributed to the delay.

Educator Preparation and Certification

Fulton County Schools: The Commission granted Developmental Approval for the Educator Preparation Provider (EPP) and the Georgia Teacher Academy for Preparation and Pedagogy (GaTAPP) Program reviewed during the Fall 2023 Developmental Approval Review.

Henry County Schools: The Commission granted Continuing Approval with Conditions for the EPP, the ESOL Endorsement, and the Gifted In-field Endorsement reviewed during the Spring 2023 Continuing Approval Review.

Truett-McConnell University: The Commission granted Developmental Approval for the Dyslexia Endorsement.

October GaPSC Meeting The next meetings will be Oct. 11-12, 2023.


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