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Georgia Professional Standards Commission Meeting Report - January 2024

Updated: 5 days ago

The following topics were discussed during the Georgia Professional Standards Commission’s (GaPSC) monthly meetings Jan. 10-11, 2024:

Assistant Attorney General's Report

Senior Assistant Attorney General Wylencia Monroe noted that all GaPSC rules must be reasonable in nature.

Proposed Rule Changes

It is proposed that the following rules be revised to update certification field terminology from Foreign Language or World Language to align with Educator Preparation Program Rules:

  • 505-2-.02 Classification

  • 505-2-.10 Permits

  • 505-2-.14 Endorsements

  • 505-2-.22 Certification by State-Approved Program

  • 505-2-.26 Certification and Licensure Assessments

  • 505-2-.57 Teaching Fields

505-3-.65 Media Specialist Program

Action was initiated to repeal and replace this rule with a new one with a different title — School Librarian Program. The new rule would incorporate standards adapted from those published in 2019 by the American Association of School Librarians. 

505-3-.77 Education Leadership Program

Amendments were initiated to clarify Tier II program admission requirements, and to clarify determination of leadership positions. Other edits included removing references to outdated guidelines and correcting capitalization errors.

A summary of the proposed rules can be found here.

Educator Preparation and Certification

The Commission granted Developmental Approval for the Dyslexia Endorsement at Brenau University.

The Commission adopted the 2024 standards aligned to Rule 505-3-.03 Foundations of Reading, Literacy and Language.

February GaPSC Meeting The next meetings will be Feb. 14-15, 2024


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