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Georgia Professional Standards Commission Meeting Report - May 2024

Updated: May 14

The following topics were discussed during the Georgia Professional Standards Commission’s (GaPSC) monthly meetings May 8-9, 2024:


The Commission found No Probable Cause to sanction an educator who was charged with a crime but successfully completed a pre-trial diversion program. As a result of successfully completing the program, the educator will not have a misdemeanor or felony on their record.

Educator Preparation and Certification The Commission granted Developmental Approval for the following programs:

  • Piedmont University- School Counseling (P-12) Certification only; Master's degree program

  • Point University- Music Education (P-12) Baccalaureate degree program

  • Reinhardt University- Pedagogy-only (4-8, 6-12, P-12) Certification only; Master’s of Arts in Teaching degree program

The Commission also granted Developmental Approval to the following programs at Thomas University:

  • Science Education Program (6-12) Baccalaureate degree

  • Special Education General Curriculum (P-12) Baccalaureate degree; Master’s of Arts in Teaching degree

  • Special Education General Curriculum/Elementary Education (P-5) Baccalaureate degree; Master’s of Arts in Teaching degree

Finally, the Commission granted a one-year deferral to the Continuing Approval Review for the Middle Georgia RESA.


The following rules were adopted:

505-3-.01 Requirements and Standards for Approving Educator Preparation Providers (EPPs) and Educator Preparation Programs: Amendments are proposed to clarify that candidates are responsible for applying for the Pre-Service Certificate; to add dates by which EPPs must enter in the Traditional Program Management System (TPMS) the beginning of clinical practice and supervising teacher Certification ID; to revise the definition of local unit of administration (LUA) to make it consistent with the definition used in Certification Rules; and to make non-substantive updates in terminology. 

505-3-.76 Alternative Preparation for Educational Leadership: Amendments are proposed to clarify determination of leadership positions, to remove references to guidelines, and to make capitalization and other non-substantive adjustments.

Both rules will become effective June 15, 2024.

May GaPSC Meeting The next meetings will be June 12-13, 2024. A full schedule of the GaPSC's meetings in 2024 can be found HERE.


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