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Georgia Professional Standards Commission Meeting Report - March 2024

The following topics were discussed during the Georgia Professional Standards Commission’s (GaPSC) monthly meetings March 13-14, 2024:


Lauren Vonada, director of the Ethics Division, shared that there has been a significant increase in the number of settlement agreements.

The GaPSC will not sanction an educator’s certificate if they break a contract for the upcoming school year by June 1.

Educator Preparation and Certification

The Commission granted Developmental Approval for the Dyslexia Endorsement at Kennesaw State University.

Proposed Rules

It is proposed that the following Educator Preparation rules be revised:

505-3-.01 Requirements and Standards for Approving Educator Preparation Providers and Educator Preparation Programs: Amendments are proposed to clarify that candidates are responsible for applying for the Pre-Service Certificate; to add dates by which EPPs must enter in TPMS the beginning of

clinical practice and supervising teacher Cert ID; to revise the definition of LUA to make it consistent with the definition used in Certification Rules; and to

make non-substantive updates in terminology. 

505-3-.76 Alternative Preparation for Educational Leadership: Amendments are proposed to clarify determination of leadership positions, to remove references to guidelines, and to make capitalization and other non-substantive adjustments.

A summary of the proposed rule changes can be found here.

April GaPSC Meeting The next meetings will be April 10-11, 2024.


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