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Day 39: Divisive Concepts Legislation and Parents' Bill of Rights Move Closer to Final Approval

Parents' Rights & Divisive Concepts Bills Move Forward as Lawmakers Race to Wrap Up Session

Senate lawmakers approved several education-related bills as both chambers worked through long lists of proposed legislation before the session ends at midnight on Monday.

HB 1178, sponsored by Rep. Josh Bonner (R-Fayetteville), on behalf of Gov. Brian Kemp is the House version of the Parents' Bill of Rights. The legislation outlines parents’ rights regarding the education of children, most of which are already reflected in Georgia law. More on HB 1178 is available from PAGE HERE. The bill now moves to the governor for his signature.

HB 1084, from Rep. Will Wade (R-Dawsonville), is the House version of the Divisive Concepts prohibition bill. It aims to prohibit the inclusion of divisive concepts in curriculum and staff training and create a complaint process. More on HB 1084 is available from PAGE HERE and HERE. The Senate made several revisions to the bill to incorporate language from SB 377, its version of the divisive concepts bill, so HB 1084 must return to the House for approval of those changes.

The Senate also passed HB 1283, authored by Rep. Demetrius Douglas (D-Stockbridge), which requires daily recess for elementary students except on days on which they have had physical education or other structured activity time. Senate lawmakers amended the bill so it returns to the House to approve the changes.

Upcoming Schedule

Saturday, April 2: Committee Workday

Sunday, April 3: Committee Workday

Monday, April 4: Day 40/Sine Die


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