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Day 32: No Education Action Under Gold Dome; Special Needs Voucher Expected In Committee

PAGE Letter to House Education Committee About Special Needs Voucher Expansion No school-related action took place under the Gold Dome on Day 32. The House Education Committee has a meeting scheduled for tomorrow, March 16. Though the agenda is not yet available, SB 47 by Sen. Steve Gooch, (R-Dahlonega), is likely to be considered. The legislation seeks to expand Georgia’s special needs private school voucher. PAGE submitted a letter of concern to committee Chair Matt Dubnik (R-Gainesville) and members of the committee.

Please consider adding your voice to PAGE advocacy by contacting your House member about SB 47. As always, contact policymakers using personal -- not school -- email accounts and electronic devices, outside of instructional time. The most effective advocacy is designed to build a lasting positive relationship with policymakers and demonstrates educators’ commitment to students by sharing personal stories about local school communities. Click here to use your home address to look up your state representative (note that state House members are labeled as "lower chamber" on OpenStates).


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