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Day 29: Governor Signs Midyear Budget, Including Educator Pay Raise

Gov. Kemp Signs Off on AFY22 Budget

The Amended Fiscal Year (AFY) 2022 budget crossed the finish line when Gov. Brian Kemp signed it into law today. The AFY 2022 budget contains a one-time $2,000 salary supplement for educators including:

  • Teachers (including extended day/year)

  • Paraprofessionals

  • Counselors

  • Technology specialists

  • Social workers

  • Special education specialists

  • Psychologists

  • Media personnel

  • Assistant principals

  • Principals

  • Assistant superintendents

  • Superintendents

  • School nurses

  • Bus drivers

  • Nutrition staff

The amended budget also adds back $383 million, which was cut from the Quality Basic Education (QBE) school funding formula, as well as funds cut from other education programs. More information about the AFY22 budget is available from PAGE HERE and HERE.

No Action on K-12 Education Under the Gold Dome

In the wake of long hours of debate on Crossover Day, neither the House nor the Senate education committees met. The pace is expected to pick up quickly as Day 40, the final day of session, draws near.

Upcoming Schedule

Thursday, March 17, Legislative Day 30

Friday, March 18, Legislative Day 31

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