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Day 24: Disagreement Over Mountain Ed, Foothills, & Coastal Plains Charters; Sine Die March 31

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Senate Ed Discusses Future of Several Special Charter High Schools, More Conversation Expected Monday

The Senate Ed and Youth Committee discussed SB 153 but did not vote on the legislation. Called the “Graduation Opportunities and Advanced Learning (GOAL) Act” by Sen. Greg Dolezal (R-Alpharetta), the legislation pertains to three charter high schools which serve students at high risk for dropping out: Foothills Charter High School, Mountain Education Charter High School, and Coastal Plains Charter High School. SB 153 was presented to the committee by Mike Dudgeon, policy director for Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan who prefaced his bill explanation by characterizing himself as a big supporter of charter schools. Dudgeon said SB 153 would make the State Board of Education the charter authorizer for the three schools and would change their funding mechanism.

During the hearing, representatives from the schools also addressed the committee, sharing more about their mission to serve school dropouts and reiterating their desire to work with policymakers on the bill. The committee is expected to consider changes to SB 153 at its next hearing Monday, March 1.

Committee chair Sen. Chuck Payne (R-Dalton) announced plans to send SB 3 by Sen. Lester Jackson (D-Savannah) to a study committee. The legislation seeks to raise the age of compulsory student school attendance from 16 to 17. SB 220, sponsored by Payne, “The Georgia Civics Renewal Act” passed and moves on to Senate Rules. The legislation would create a commission to oversee GA civics education. “We need to do a better job of educating children about government,” said Payne when presenting the bill.

2021 Sine Die Set for March 31

The end of the 2021 legislature is in sight. The General Assembly has passed the following adjournment resolution, setting the schedule for the remainder of the legislative session.

  • March 3: Legislative Day 26

  • March 4: Committee Workday

  • March 5: Legislative Day 27

  • March 8: Legislative Day 28 (Crossover)

  • March 9: Legislative Day 29

  • March 10: Legislative Day 30

  • March 11: Legislative Day 31

  • March 15: Legislative Day 32

  • March 16: Legislative Day 33

  • March 17: Legislative Day 34

  • March 18: Legislative Day 35

  • March 22: Legislative Day 36

  • March 23: Legislative Day 37

  • March 24: Committee Workday

  • March 25: Legislative Day 38

  • March 26: Committee Workday

  • March 29: Legislative Day 39

  • March 30: Committee Workday

  • March 31: Legislative Day 40 (Sine Die)

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