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Committee Work Day - Students of Military Families & College Entrance Exam Bills Progress

Senate Education and Youth Committee Passes Military Family & College Entrance Exam Bills

SB 357 by Sen. Kay Kirkpatrick (R-Marietta) would allow students of active-duty military or deployed reservist families to attend any public school of their family’s choosing, regardless of the residence of the child, in Georgia. If choosing to enroll outside of their home school district, families would need to provide their own pupil transportation. The bill passed unanimously and moves on to the Senate Rules Committee.

SB 452 by Sen. Sheila McNeil (R-Brunswick) was amended by the committee to allow 11th and 12th grade students to opt-in to taking a nationally recognized college entrance exam during school hours. The bill originally included an opt-out provision rather than allowing students to opt-in, but several committee members expressed concern with requiring all students to take the exams. The bill passed as amended and moves on to the Senate Rules committee.

Senate Retirement Passes TRS Beneficiary Bill with Significant Changes

The Senate Retirement Committee passed SB 267 by Sen. Sheikh Rahman (D-Lawrenceville), which sought to allow retired Teachers Retirement System (TRS) members to change beneficiaries under some circumstances. A substitute version of the legislation, which deletes TRS references and adds provisions related to the state Judicial Retirement System, was announced in committee today. The new version of the bill is not yet available as of publication of this report.

Thursday, March 3: Legislative Day 23

  • House Education Committee, 1 p.m., 606 CLOB

Friday, March 4: Legislative Day 24


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