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State Board of Education Meeting Report - June Meeting 2024

Updated: Jul 1

The State Board of Education (SBOE) held its monthly meetings June 12 and 13.

Board Member Mike Royal and 2024 Georgia Teacher of the Year Christy Todd were honored during their final meeting.

Additional board actions include a new rule regarding student transportation and the approval of Strategic Waiver School System (SWSS) contracts.

The agenda, which can be found linked below, includes links to all items considered by the board.

Featured Action PAGE member Christy Todd has served admirably as the 2024 Georgia Teacher of the Year. During her time in this role, she has addressed many groups including the Georgia General Assembly on the value of being a teacher.                                                    

She also represented Georgia as a Top 4 finalist for National Teacher of the Year.

PAGE thanks Todd for her service and wishes her continued success in her future endeavors.

Strategic Waivers Discussion and Approval

The board voted to approve a slate of SWSS contracts. Special attention was focused on the three systems with single-year contracts, and they were pulled for a separate vote. Board members noted that these systems (Bibb County, Richmond County, and Talbot County) required improvements in certain areas and expressed a desire to ensure approved waivers are positively impacting outcomes. They also suggested that additional performance metrics be included in future waiver requests so that desired improvements could be more easily assessed. After discussion, all SWSS contacts were approved.

Review the supporting documents for each of the approved SWSS contracts HERE.

Recognition of Christy Todd and Mike Royal

2024 Georgia Teacher of the Year Christy Todd participated in her final meeting as an advisory member of the SBOE. Todd addressed and thanked the board, Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) staff, and other guests for their support and work to support teachers and students.

Board members then shared praise for Todd.

PAGE member Holly Witcher, a special education teacher at Tesnatee Gap Elementary School in White County, has been named the 2025 Georgia Teacher of the Year.

Since he is moving out of the Seventh Congressional District, this was also the final meeting for Board Member Mike Royal. SBOE members expressed gratitude for Royal's many years of service. Board Chair Stan DeJarnett asked Royal to return for the September SBOE meeting for a more formal farewell ceremony.

In his address to the board, Royal charged board members to focus on the people they serve. He also stated he would be serving on the board of the Georgia Charter Schools Association and continuing his push for more mental health resources for students.

Student Filmmakers Provide Inspiration

The meeting's opening inspiration was dedicated to a pair of student filmmakers who recently graduated from North Murray High School in Murray County. The students and school staff spoke to the importance of Career Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) courses and SkillsUSA. They also presented their film, which was awarded third place at the 2023 National Leadership & Skills Conference.

Student Transportation Rule Change and Other Measures

During the 2024 legislative session, the General Assembly passed HB 51, which allows for the use of alternative student transportation methods and instructs the SBOE to promulgate related rules. In response, the board voted to initiate an amendment to State Board Rule 160-5-3-.17.

The board also approved a list of new private schools authorized to participate in the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program for the 2024-2025 school year.  

Finally, the board took action on the following CTAE standards:

Next Meeting

The next board meeting will be July 17.

The full calendar of 2024 SBOE meetings can be found HERE.


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