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Day 19: Student Transportation Bill Rolls On to House Rules

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Legislation Allows Transport of Students in Smaller Vehicles

HB 455 by Rep. Timothy Barr (R-Lawrenceville) would allow school districts to use motor vehicles other than school buses for pupil transportation. Vehicles with seating for fewer than eight people, operated and marked for the transportation of children, could be utilized under the bill. During subcommittee testimony, Barr and several other speakers referenced the need to use smaller vehicles, which are currently prohibited for pupil transportation, to transport children with various special needs. The bill passed subcommittee and the full House Education Committee, which convened immediately upon the conclusion of the full committee. HB 455 is now on its way to House Rules, which will schedule it for a floor vote.

Rep. Timothy Barr (R-Lawrenceville)


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