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Day 17: 'Unmask Georgia Students Act' Introduced

SB 514 Introduced by Gwinnett Legislator on Behalf of Gov. Kemp

Sen. Clint Dixon (R-Buford) has introduced SB 514, the "Unmask Georgia Students Act" on behalf of Gov. Brian Kemp. The legislation allows parents to opt-out of local school mask requirements for their students. The proposed law would sunset on June 30, 2023. Read the governor's news release HERE.

PAGE Executive Director Craig Harper makes the following statement: "Throughout the pandemic, Georgia school districts have demonstrated their ability to effectively respond to the needs of the students and families they serve based on community factors of COVID spread and appropriate precautions built upon data and robust stakeholder input. Decisions about school mask requirements are best made at the local level with extensive and continued input from educators, parents, and community members. SB 514 does not prevent districts from continuing mask requirements, but it does allow parents to opt-out, which may further the ongoing tension in some schools and communities."

Upcoming Schedule

Wednesday, Feb. 16 - Committee Work Day

  • House Academic Support Subcommittee, 10 a.m., 406 CLOB

  • House Education Committee, 11 a.m., 406 CLOB

  • Senate Retirement Committee, 2 p.m., 310 CLOB

Thursday, Feb. 17 – Legislative Day 18


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