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Day 16: Low Wealth Capital Outlay and Alternative Schools Bills Progress

House Education Committee Moves Capital Outlay and Alternative High School Legislation Forward

The House Education Committee passed HB 81 by Rep. John Corbett (R-Lake Park). The legislation changes Capital Outlay eligibility criteria for low wealth school districts. More information on HB 81 is available here.

A substitute version of HB 87 by House Education Chair Rep. Chris Erwin (R-Homer), which seeks to change school governance, academic accountability, and funding requirements for alternative high schools, also passed the committee. The legislation applies to Mountain Education Charter High School, Foothills Education Charter High School, and Coastal Plains Charter High School, which serve non-traditional students who have dropped out or who are at risk of dropping out. More information on HB 87 is available here.

Both bills now move to the House Rules Committee.

Erwin informed the committee that both subcommittees will meet Monday for hearings on HB 51 and HB 141.

Upcoming Schedule

Monday, Feb. 13 – Legislative Day 17

  • House Education Policy Subcommittee, 1 p.m., 515 CLOB

  • House Education Curriculum Subcommittee, 2 p.m., 515 CLOB

  • House Appropriations Education Subcommittee, 3 p.m., 415 CLOB

Tuesday, Feb. 14 – Legislative Day 18

Wednesday, Feb. 15 – Legislative Day 19

Thursday, Feb. 16 – Legislative Day 20


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