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Teachers Retirement System Board of Trustees Meeting Report - March 2024

TRS held its bimonthly meeting on March 27, 2024. The fiduciary net position was $102,877,374,048. The board heard the executive director’s update, a legislative update, and a presentation on the TRS strategic plan.

Fiduciary Net Position

  • The TRS net position in January 2023 was $92,582,260,744.

  • The TRS net position in January of 2024 was $100,028,253,580.

  • The TRS net position in February of 2023 was $90,193,685,065.

  • The TRS net position in February of 2024 was $102,877,374,048.

Membership Report

There are currently 296,620 TRS members in active status with 246,566 actively contributing.

In February, there were 148,904 retirees. The average age at retirement for service retirees increased to 60. Those retirees averaged 25.51 years of service with a monthly benefit of $3,605.

Legislative Update

Review the PAGE Capitol Report for more information on bills from the 2024 legislative session. A comprehensive PAGE legislative summary, including information on retirement bills, will be available in mid-April.

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Next TRS Meeting

The next TRS meeting will take place May 15, 2024, at 10:30 a.m.


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