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Teachers Retirement System Board of Trustees Meeting Report - January 2024

The Teachers Retirement System (TRS) board held its bimonthly meeting on Jan. 24, 2024. The TRS net fiduciary position at the end of December 2023 was $99,836,833,953. TRS membership remains consistent. The board heard a presentation on the upcoming legislative session, and there are currently no pending retirement bills affecting the system.

Fiduciary Net Position

  • TRS Net Position in November 2022 was $91,031,687,190

  • TRS Net Position in November 2023 was $95,329,233,622

  • TRS Net Position in December 2022 was $87,699,566,638

  • TRS Net Position in December 2023 was $99,836,833,953

Membership Report

In December there were 295,620 members in active status with 249,137 actively contributing. There were 148,771 retirees.

January 1, 2024, there were 133,403 service retirees receiving an average monthly benefit of $3,612. They averaged 25.53 years of service and an average age of 60 at retirement.

Retirement Counseling Options

If you are preparing to retire, contact TRS for an individual counseling session and look into attending a TRS retirement workshop. Counseling sessions can take place in person at the Atlanta and Macon offices and online (login to your TRS account to set up a counseling session). Check the TRS event calendar for a workshop near you:

Legislative Updates

January marks the start of the second year of the 2023-2024 legislative biennium. Any bill having a fiscal impact on TRS was required to be introduced in the first session of the biennium and sent for actuarial study over the summer. There are no pending fiscal bills to be voted on in the 2024 legislative session. Stay connected for updates on TRS bills and any other legislation impacting education in Georgia with PAGE legislative updates.

Next TRS Meeting

The next TRS meeting will take place March 27, 2024, at 10:30 a.m.


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