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Day 9: PAGE-Supported Increase to Public School Employee Retirement Benefit Passes Committee

Legislative activity continued to increase during the ninth day of the session as bills start to be heard in committee and legislation receives floor votes.

Senate Retirement Committee Approves Bill to Raise PSERS Benefits for School Staff

SB 105 by Sen. Larry Walker III (R-Perry) seeks to increase the monthly benefit of Public School Employees Retirement System (PSERS) members by raising the benefit multiplier from $16.50 to $17.00. The bill also sets this amount as the minimum multiplier allowed by law. While permanent or one-time increases in benefits can be funded by legislative appropriations, the monthly PSERS benefit amount could not fall below $17.00 per year of service. This increase would apply to all current and future PSERS retirees. Several committee members took time to praise the service of public school workers.

While no testimony was taken, several groups, including PAGE, noted support for the bill to individual committee members and had signed up to speak in favor before a committee member moved to pass SB 105, a procedural motion which supersedes public testimony. SB 105 passed unanimously and now moves to Senate Rules.

PAGE Director of Legislative Services Margaret Ciccarelli and PAGE Legislative Services Specialist Josh Stephens listen to committee discussion on SB 105

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