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Day 14: House Ed Passes Pre-K Capital Outlay and Millage Rate Equalization Eligibility Bills

The Senate met in a lengthy floor session and debated non-education issues. Due to the recent death of former House Rules Committee Chairman Richard Smith (R-Columbus) it appears that the planned legislative schedule will change to allow legislators to attend Smith’s funeral Monday. Legislative Day 15, previously scheduled for Monday, will occur Tuesday, Feb. 6, and the legislature will be in session on Friday, Feb. 16, which had been previously scheduled as a non-legislative day.

House Ed Approves Pre-K Capital Outlay & Millage Rate Equalization Eligibility Bills

House Education Chair Chris Erwin (R-Homer) presenting HB 941 to the House Education Committee

The House Education Committee approved two bills, both of which now move to the House Rules Committee:

  • HB 941 by Rep. Chris Erwin (R-Homer) would allow capital outlay funds to be used for Pre-K facilities. It would also allow Pre-K students to be included in student projection counts. The bill applies only to school programs operating under Georgia’s official Pre-K Program. 

  • HB 987 by Rep. Chas Cannon (R-Moultrie) revises the definition of “qualified local school system” by reducing the minimum required millage rate or equivalent millage rate from 14 mills to 10 mills. This reduction would allow systems to further lower their millage rates and remain eligible for equalization funding, a billion dollar state program for which more than 128 of Georgia’s 180 school districts are eligible. The bill also contains a “clawback provision” for the state to recover 25 percent of equalization funds for districts that dip below 10 mills.

Upcoming Schedule

Tuesday, Feb. 6: Legislative Day 15

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