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Priority 1: Personalized Instruction


Foster personalized instruction:

  • Create learning conditions that support the essential relationship between students and educators.

  • Invest in broadband and technology that facilitates learning in classrooms, at home and other settings.

  • Fund locally determined, targeted interventions that address pandemic-related student learning loss.

  • Ensure adequate support staff are available to serve students, allowing teachers to focus on teaching.

Click here to learn more about the Personalized Instruction Priority.


Priority 2: Mental Health & School Climate


Promote student and educator mental health:

  • Increase funding to provide school counselors for all students.

  • Enhance access to external mental health supports, including telecommunication and mobile counseling in rural and hard-to-staff districts and collaborations with state agencies and other service providers.

  • Support the development of hubs in schools, which can coordinate and leverage community and state resources to meet students’ mental health, physical and developmental needs.

  • Ensure educator well-being by protecting planning time and duty-free lunches, and providing mental health supports.

Priority 3: School Funding


Invest in Georgia’s public school students and their future:

  • Eliminate the $1 billion austerity cut implemented in the Fiscal Year 2021 budget.

  • Do not expand Georgia’s two private school voucher programs or establish a third one.

  • Institute transparency and accountability measures on Georgia’s tuition tax credit voucher program.


Priority 4: Public Health Transparency


Institute transparency for student and educator health:

  • Ensure Georgia Department of Public Health transparency of COVID-19 reporting in schools.

Click here to learn more about the Public Health Transparency priority.

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