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February Georgia Professional Standards Commission Meeting Report

The Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC) held its monthly meeting Feb. 10-11, 2021.

Ethics Division

Students and educators went to a restaurant after a school activity. An educator, who was seated at a separate table away from students, allegedly consumed an alcoholic beverage. Some of the students saw it and pointed it out to the principal. The educator also allegedly failed to report past criminal history. The Commission recommended a suspension of two years. The GaPSC found no probable cause to sanction the certificate of an educator who was allegedly seen vaping on camera while teaching a virtual class. While some commissioners expressed concerns over the matter, there was no specific law or ethics rule that the educator violated, especially since he allegedly vaped from his home. The Commission noted there has been an increased number of vaping cases during the pandemic.

Certification Division

Proposed certification rule changes:

  • 505-2-.21 Certification by Interstate Reciprocity- It is proposed that this rule be amended to require completion of a state-approved program containing pedagogy and clinical practice when applying by reciprocity.

  • 505-2-.27 Certification Application Procedures- It is proposed that this rule be amended to require submission of the online application and supporting documentation through MyPSC when applying for certification, and submit official transcripts electronically from an institution or by a parchment service.

  • 505-2-.163 Computer Science Endorsement- It is proposed that this rule be updated to allow issuance of the endorsement to Elementary Education P-5 and Middle Grades 4-8 certificate holders.

  • 505-2-.164 Coordinated Career Academic Education (CCAE) Endorsement- It is proposed that this rule be amended to update terminology and correct certificate types issued.

  • 505-2-.180 Student Support Team Coordinator Endorsement- It is proposed that this rule be amended to revise the name to Multi-Tiered System of Supports to align with the educator preparation rule and update the certificate types issued.

  • 505-2-.193 Advanced Placement Micro-Endorsement- It is proposed that this rule be initiated to create a micro-endorsement that identifies educators prepared to teach Advanced Placement courses.

Educator Preparation Division

The Commission granted Developmental Approval of the Personalized Learning Endorsement at the Middle Georgia RESA.

March GaPSC Meeting The next meetings will be on March 10-11, 2021.


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